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Description: If you’re looking to download the world’s best Youtube Movie Maker, then you’ve come to the right place. Youtube Movie Maker official version help you easy to make, edit, upload, promote, manage youtube videos. Don’t hesitate to download Youtube Movie Maker, and feel the convenience that the Youtube Movie Maker bring to you. Make Youtube Video: Easy to make wonderful Youtube Video from various videos, photos, musics, lyrics, texts, etc. Upload Youtube Video: Easy to upload a bunch of videos onto Youtube quickly without worrying about format, profile, etc. Promote Youtube Video: Easy to manage and promote uploaded Youtube videos, get more views on YouTube.


Add Photos and Videos
Add transitions and special effects
Add texts, titles, credits and logo
Mix videos(PIP Effect)
Add music/narration
Lyrics Video Maker
Add Motion Effect
Record/Capture Videos
Record/Capture Screen Videos
Capture/Record Audios
Playback Speed
Predefined Profile
Directly Upload
Powerful Video Editor
TimeLine Mode
Drag, drop, easy to use
Promote Youtube Videos
High compatibility
High Performance
32bit/64bit Windows Hardware Acceleration

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