Boom Island-DARKSiDERS

Product: Boom Island
| Developer: Caden Goodwin |
Publisher: csgood
Genre: Action, Shooter, FPS, Arcade, Survival
Protection: NOONE
Number of Players: Singleplayer
Release Date: 21.12.2017
Original Date: 16.10.2017
Languages: English
Packet Count: 1 DiSC

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Imagine being stranded on an island in the early
| 1900's, being a only survivor in a experimental plane |
crash. However, the island you crashed on is not a
normal island, its Boom Island! Engage yourself in
this arcade style first person shooter, where the main
objective is to shoot explosive balls while surviving

| 1. Unpack, Mount or Burn! |

2. Install! Copy crack to instal dir. (CRACK NOT NEEDED! :)

615 mb

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