Update v1.27:
- It is now possible to collect resources with your heroes even if you do not yet have an RTS base

- Fixed equipment of heroes in hero selection not being updated if the player changes it while the hero selection is open
- Fixed hero name tooltips not being displayed over portraits of heroes not currently in the party
- Fixed ability tooltips not being displayed for heroes not currently in the party

- Loading screen narrations will no longer be skipped automatically when playing co-op (can still be skipped manually if all players press space)
- When playing a singleplayer skirmish game, the loading screen will now behave like in the singleplayer campaign
- Various minor fixes and improvements

- Campaign: Small balancing changes in later Mulandir encounters

Update v1.26:
- You can now manage the equipment and abilities of |c2|ALL|c0| your heroes while in Mulandir and on the World Map
(if you are loading an existing savegame in the Nexus, you may need to exit to Mulandir once in order for the party management to be unlocked)

- Fixed an issue that would prevent a chest in Everlight: Slaugtherhouse from being opened
- Fixed inspection texts on locked chests not being displayed
- Fixed several artefact-related issues on various maps
- Fixed possible crash in mp lobby
- Fixed no auto-saves being created in campaign coop
- Fixed workers not moving in some older savegames
- Fixed carriages looking in wrong direction when leaving sector centers
- Fixed XP distribution and loot drops for sacrificed creatures
- Fixed a potential issue that would cause players to not be able to leave the Scorching Desert: Oasis
- Fixed the Quest 'Holding a Grudge' at Farlorn's hope
- Fixed an inaccessible room at the Greykeep Barracks
- Fixed an issue in Liannon that caused the Heroparty being stuck after a dialogue
- Fixed an issue where you could not talk to Silverhand on Old-Haalayash
- Fixed a questline issue at The Eye
- Fixed '47 Blemishes' Side Quest
- Fixed reinforcements being hostile on The Golden Road
- Fixed steam join/invite inside running application
- Implemented two missing multiplayer related steam achievements

- Drastically reduced delay when opening campaign/pause/load/save/replay menus when the player has a lot of savegames/replays
- Added a note revealing the final digit of the combination lock in Everlight in case you don't want to guess it
- Localization update: fixed missing translations and translation errors, lots of minor improvements

- Campaign: The Eye 1 balancing changes regarding encounters and combat

Update v1.25:
- Fixed popup window appearing underneath slots in multiplayer lobby
- Fixed gathered resources statistic
- Fixed Avatar not being able to interact with daughter on "Lingering Hope"-Quest
- Added savegame-compatibility for goblin meat traders
- Fixed Artifact-Interaction in Barga Gor and added an effect to mark the appropriate spot
- Fixed enemy waves not approaching their target in Barga Gor
- Fixed a missing NPC in Barga Gor
- Fixed a desync that could be triggered by Kiss of Nor and other spells
- Game difficulty is kept when changing levels in coop game
- Fixed a possible issue that would prevent one of the final dialogues in Old-Haalayash to start

- Improved savegame selection speed in mp lobby
- Reduced memory usage during multiplayer games
- Enabled load game button in pause menu for mp coop hosts

- Campaign: Aonirs Blade all bosses now beatable on higher difficulty, several balancing changes
- Campaign: Aonirs Blade, Kiroy can now be healed in the final phase of the mission
- Campaign: Resistance and immunity potions now last considerably longer (+100%, +50%)

Update v1.24:
- Reduced the amount of tribute required for The God-King
- It has also been reported that some traders in Everlight started to sell smelly meat...

- Fixed an issue that would not allow players to talk to an important NPC in Old-Haalayash after gathering all shards
- The quest "The Protectors" now completes after finishing the main quest, even if the player did not utilize RTS
- Fixed a potential issue that would not allow the player to talk to the Loyalist Leader in Iskander Wilds
- Fixed a potential issue that would cause the artefact on Barga Gor not to work
- Fixed an issue that would not let players finish the Main Quest on The Unknown Island
- Fixed an issue that would not let players complete Qirr's Quest in Everlight

Update v1.23:
- Fixed "Riches of the all Father" quest trigger
- Fixed a possible issue that would cause infinite/incorrect dialogue behaviour in the Old-Haalayash Bonus Mission
- Fixed an issue that would not trigger a certain quest-dialogue on The Unknown Island in some occasions
- Fixed an issue that would not finish "The Provisions"-Quest on Aonir's Blade
- Fixed a potential issue that would not correctly trigger a cutscene on Aonir's Blade
- Fixed an issue that would not allow players to start "The Mentalists"-Quest and finish "Unwavering Resolve"-Quest on Aonir's Blade.
- Various fixes in companion-related dialogues
- Various smaller visual fixes on some levels

- Campaign: Second orc mission greatly rebalanced on all difficulty settings
- Campaign: First human mission rebalanced on all difficulty settings
- Campaign: Some balancing changes for the first two rts missions with enemies on all difficulty settings
- Campaign: Some encounters improved later in the game

Update v1.22:
- Fixed "Ring of the Riches" not working under certain conditions
- Fixed players being able to lock themselves out of a certain camp at Foot of Barga Gor
- Fixed a dialogue issue that could prevent the player from completing Windwall Foothills
- Fixed Orc AI buildings on skirmish map Scorching Canyon not being attackable
- Fixed incorrect quest marker for Forgotten Knowledge quest
- Fixed an artefact on Unknown Island
- Fixed invisible dialogue responses in some dialogues

- Slight changes to Aonir's Blade Starting Resources
- "Consumable" items are now split into more detailed categories depending on their functionality

Genre: RPG, Strategy
Developer: Grimlore Games , THQ Nordic
Publisher: THQ Nordic

Release Name: SpellForce.3.Update.v1.31-CODEX
Size: 2.96 GB

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http://~ Disallowed ~/scr2avq4hwez/SpellForce.3.Update.v1.31-CODEX.part1.rar
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