When Jody, who's 29, and Chris, who's 32, arrive at Liverpool Women's Hospital, she'll be giving birth for the first time. It's a day that they thought would never come: after a struggle with infertility, they'd given up hope of having a child themselves and adopted a son. But one last try at IVF had surprising results. Meanwhile, Mormons Cameron, who's 23, and Hannah, who's 21, met through the church and married young. Their faith has taught them the importance of family, and they can't wait to become parents. They just need to get through labour first. And Lesley, who's 41, was desperate to become a mum but couldn't find a man who wanted to be a dad. Not letting that stand in her way, she turned to a sperm donor, and is now eagerly expecting her first child, who she plans to raise alone.

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