Synapse Audio Orion v8.5.0.4 x64 REPACK (06.2017)


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Orion is a fully featured music creation and production environment. It includes a sequencer, mixer, instruments and effects, thus no extra software is required to produce any style of music.

Orion includes 11 synthesizers covering subtractive synthesis, FM, physical modelling as well as wavetable synthesis. Additionally, a fully featured sampler that supports SoundFont, Kurzweil, AKAI and REX formats is available. 3rd party VST and DX instruments may be used and seamlessly integrate into the environment.

A total of 43 effect plugins that span dynamic effects, delay, reverberation, distortion, filtering, vocoding, phasing, flanging and chorus are included in Orion. Additionally container effects are available, where multiple effects can be grouped together to form a new effect. Not only can effects be chained in parallel or in series, it is also possible to split effects into different frequency bands, allowing to create multiband effects such as a multiband compressors for instance. 3rd party VST and DX plugins are supported as well.

Both pattern and track based sequencing is possible in Orion, depending on user preferences. Editing tools include a fully featured piano roll as well as step sequencers. Multiple MIDI in devices are supported to allow simultaneous recording into multiple tracks at once. For beginners, the alternate "Easy" mode greatly facilitates working with MIDI by always sending all MIDI data to the active generator window- no setup is necessary, and any instrument can be played right away via a connected MIDI keyboard.

Orion features an analog-style mixer with insert and send effects, a parametric EQ, multiple busses and effect return channels. Mixer channels are created and assigned automatically when new instruments are inserted into a project, allowing for a fast workflow.

Audio Recording
Up to 256 audio tracks can be used in Orion. New audio clips are added with a single click into the playlist. Multiple tracks can be recorded simultaneously using the ASIO interface.

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Digital music studio for professionals and amateurs
With support for virtual instruments and effect processors
With an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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EKS v1.0.0.0, Hydra v1.4.0.0, Legend v1.1.0.0, Sylenth1 v2.2.0.1, Toxic v2.5.0.0
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% ProgramFiles% \ Orion
HKLM \ Software \ Classes.osp
HKLM \ Software \ Classes.prs
HKLM \ Software \ Classes.sfs
HKLM \ Software \ Classes \ Orion.osp
HKLM \ Software \ Classes \ Orion.prs
HKLM \ Software \ Classes \ Orion.Song
HKCU \ Software \ Orion

Version: Build 0
Developer: _synapse-audio_
Developer’s website: synapse-audio [dot] com
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English
Tabletka: Not required

Synapse Audio Orion v8.5.0.4 x64 REPACK (06.2017)
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