VMware NSX For vSphere 6.3.2 Build Number 5672532 | 2.2GB

VMware NSX has two distinct variants - NSX for vSphere (NSX-v) and NSX Multi-Hypervisor (NSX-MH). The most feature rich version is NSX-v (as you would expect) and the most flexible and vendor agnostic is NSX-MH (albeit with less features). Currently these are separate binaries that you download and deploy, however there is talk that in the future it will be a single binary set with a V/MH software setting during deployment
NSX for vSphere (NSX-v)

NSX-v has the following components:

vSphere ESXi - server hypervisor.
vSphere Distributed Switch - the advanced Layer 2 virtual Switch that VMware provides with the Enterprise Plus licence (you cannot use the vSphere Standard Switch with NSX).
NSX Manager - management interface of NSX, presented via the vSphere Web Client and has a northbound NSX API.
NSX Controller - the control plane of NSX which also has the northbound NSX API.
Logical Switch - VXLAN tunnels that run across disparate networks.
Edge Services Gateway (ESG) - provides L3-L7 network services to the outside world.
Distributed Logical Router (DLR) - provides L3-L7 network services to the physical and virtual infrastructure via a hypervisor service for the data plane and a virtual appliance for the control plane.
Distributed Firewall - this is a service that runs on ESXi and provides micro-segmentation of virtual infrastructure
Third Party integrations - advanced L3-L7 services provided by Third Parties via the NSX API. eg. Palo Alto Networks, McAfee, Trend Micro, F5, Citrix, Silver Peak, etc.
Physical Network - traditional core, aggregate, distribution, access or Clos-type Leaf & Spine architectures
Virtual overlay to Physical network gateways - the NSX virtual overlay integrates with the physical world via a gateway. eg. Routing, L2 Extension, VXLAN, etc.

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