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Artist: Don Gibson
Album: For Always
Year: 2017
Style: Country
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Frequency: 44,100 khz
Size: 263 Mb

01. Sweet Dreams (First Hit Version)
02. Oh Lonesome Me
03. I Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
04. Blue Blue Day
05. Give Myself a Party
06. Look Who’s Blue
07. Who Cares (For Me)
08. A Stranger to Me
09. Lonesome Old House
10. Don’t Tell Me Your Troubles
11. I’m Movin’ On
12. Big Hearted Me
13. Just One Time
14. Far, Far Away
15. Sweet Dreams (Second Hit Version)
16. What About Me
17. Sea of Heartbreak
18. Lonesome Number One
19. Didn’t Work out, Did It?
20. The Streets of Laredo
21. My Hands Are Tied
22. (I’d Be) A Legend in My Time
23. Born to Lose
24. Beautiful Dreamer
25. Camptown Races
26. Lonesome Road

01. Roses Are Red
02. I Love No One but You
03. Red Lips, White Lies and Blue Hours
04. Just Let Me Love You
05. Dark Future
06. A Blue Million Tears
07. No Shoulder to Cry On
08. We’re Stepping out Tonight
09. Sample Kisses
10. Let Me Stay in Your Arms
11. Walkin’ in the Moonlight
12. I Just Love the Way You Tell a Lie
13. You Cast Me Out (Forevermore)
14. Waitin’ Down the Road
15. Symptoms of Love
16. Many Times I’ve Waited
17. Selfish with Your Kisses
18. Ice Cold Heart
19. Automatic Mama
20. Why Am I so Lonely

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