Major changes:
- BALANCE: mortar, glue, and nail trade balance - These have been increased in base quantity and some extras peppered throughout different traders.
- BALANCE: new secondary base tier recipes - water, rivets, nails, glue, mortar, habedashery; These have been added to their respective guild lists.
- BALANCE: starter farm now gifts you with a Gardening Plot and a Tree Plot to help accelerate farming in the game.
- BALANCE: economy events nerfed to address the ease of trading vs crafting.
- BALANCE: Heartwood trade a little rarer to prevent insta-completion of quest.
- BALANCE/FIX: Added surplus cats to the world! You'll now be able to find more cats than necessary to finish the quest, and have some to spare Smile
- FIX: Prevent farms from getting odd placement/overlapping items and resources (will also attempt to fix farms already in this state)
- FIX: Adopted critters return to their pens if they wander too far away, or are visually missing.
- FIX: Mian sprite not disappearing after collection
- FIX: Updated German string for controllers menu item
- FIX: Updated Kari's hint about what Fluffcubs eat.
- FIX: some npc's falling through the ground or getting embedded in the ground(!)
- FIX: blocker in Hearthwind Vale near farm
- FIX: Fish collection trophy triggers only after you catch another fish
- FIX: Crash - when hitting exit button twice on player storage chests
- FIX: Player got stuck when when placing two plant boxes side by side
- FIX: Trading out old kingdom coins, they're still spent when bag is full and trade wasn't possible
- FIX: can lose hat if inventory full and unequipping
- FIX: cleaned up the back of the observatory -- was NEARLY blocking collision
- FIX: filter on farm chest isn't working
- FIX: visuals menu requests restart without changing settings
- FIX: Cleaned up some collision in Radiant Sands
- FIX: changed how the Great Beard-Off quest triggers to avoid issue where player couldn't progress

Genre: Action
Developer: Prideful Sloth
Publisher: Prideful Sloth

Release Name: Yonder.The.Cloud.Catcher.Chronicles.Update.3-BAT
Size: 177 MB

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