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Demoscene 1 Build 1 x86/x64 (07.2017) | 9.21 GB

Demoscene is a subculture and the direction of computer art, the main feature of which is the alignment of the plot video created in real time by a computer, according to the principle of the operation of computer games. Thus, the demo is a symbiosis of programming and art. Demoscene - cyberculture

Extras. The information: Here I spread the demo, the links of which lie on the site

It is more convenient to pump out everything at once than on the site poking over a multitude of links
To view old demos you need DosBox, read how and with what it's eaten, you can here

For the latest demos, you will need DirectX10, they will only run from Windows Vista and Windows 7, and some will only run if you have a modern graphics card.
Also there are demos for launching on such systems as Linux, Amiga, Commodore 64, Nintendo DS, SEGA, ZX Spectrum.

At the moment, uploaded over 700 demos + hand-drawn and simulated graphics + music CDs, singles + games

I'll be adding as soon as possible and opportunities, new (old) demos

If there was a question why there are not enough demos, I answer: a huge number of demos, you can not even imagine what their "sea", here I spread all the links that can be found on the site, that is, roughly the best of the set, participated in all sorts of demopati and shows.
Enjoy watching

Year / Release Date: 1993-2017
Version: 1 Build 1
Developer: assembly
Bit depth: 8bit + 16Bit + 32bit + 64bit
Compatibility with Vista: partial
Compatible with Windows 7: partial
Compatible with Windows 8,8.1: partial
Compatible with Windows 10: partial
Language: English + Russian
Tabletka: Not required
System requirements: CPU + GPU + RAM
More powerful + more = more beautiful + more effective

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