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Big Brother, which began in the summer of 2000, has become an annual tradition for fans; every summer (with the exception of the 2008 winter edition) viewers are treated to new HouseGuests, new challenges, and new evictions! Here s how the game works: each week, there is a Head of Household challenge, where all of the players compete for the power in the house. The HoH then nominates two other HouseGuests for eviction. Several days later, a Power of Veto competition is held, where six players (the HoH, the nominees, and three guests) attempt to win the Golden Power of Veto, which gives the bearer the power to veto, or cancel, one of the HoH s nominations, forcing the HoH to nominate someone else (other than the Veto bearer) for eviction. Then, in the weekly live eviction, the HouseGuests vote to evict someone from the house for good. Along the way are Food competitions (which, if the HouseGuests do not win, results in them eating Slop for the week) and the occasional Luxury competition, all leading up to the show s finale, where a panel of sequestered jurors vote for a winner, who receives half a million dollars!
Big Brother 14 will include 16 guests with 4 of them returning from previous seasons. The 4 returning guests are going to be mentors of a team of 3 guests. The mentor of each team only goes home if their entire team also goes home.
In BB16, there are now 2 HOH s.  Each HOH gets to put up 2 nominees, who then compete in teams in a challenge called the Battle of the Block.  The winning pair of nominees earn safety and also dethrone the HOH who put them up, leaving that HOH as a possible replacement nominee.  The POV still exists, so there are now 2 chances for a nominee to be safe.
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