BeFiT Intensity Fitness Series (2017)

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BeFiT Intensity Fitness Series (2017)
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The program BeFiT Intensity is built on the principle of high-intensity interval training and includes power, aerobic and plyometric load for fat burning and body tone. You will work to develop your strength, coordination, stamina, speed and balance. Be at home and achieve maximum results with professional coaches Lacy and Scott!

Coaches BeFiT did not provide a calendar for this program. But since the course includes only 5 trainings, it is obvious that the best variant of the schedule is to distribute the video within a week. You can train from Monday to Friday, with weekends on Saturday and Sunday. Either 5 times a week with weekends, for example, on Wednesday and Sunday.

So, the course included 5 training sessions, lasting 25 minutes. For classes you will need a pair of middle-weight dumbbells. The complex is suitable for advanced level of preparation, you will find a large number of push-ups, burrs, jumps, intense power loads. If you perform exercises on simplified modification, then the program is suitable for intermediate level of preparation.

All presented training sessions are held in the same way. You are waiting for three circles, the exercises in each circle are repeated in several approaches. At the end of the lesson, the coaches prepared the fourth bonus round, where all the previous exercises were repeated. So, each training consists of 4 circles of ~ 5 minutes with short breaks for rest.

1. BeFiT Intensity: Ripped Arms & Legs Workout (Scott Herman)

This video includes a large number of plyometric exercises, exercises for the cortex, combined exercises for the upper and lower body with dumbbells. Work absolutely all muscle groups. For the lesson you will need a dumbbell.

Circuit 1: burpee with dumbbells, single leg glute bridges, V-ups
Circuit 2: groiners, plyo push-ups, alternating jumping lunges
Circuit 3: judo push-ups,
Overhead press squats, alternating scissor toe touches Circuit 4: All 9 moves from circuit 1-3 together

2. BeFiT Intensity: Ultimate Cardio Burn Workout (Lacey Stone)

Intensive cardio training without additional equipment, which is aimed at fat burning and acceleration of metabolism. The program can not be called extremely difficult, but some exercises (for example, burpee + tuck jumps) will definitely force you to give 100%.

Circuit 1: flying lateral lunges, hop squats, burn out punches
Circuit 2: interval high knee jumps, elbow knee
Circuit 3: russian kicks, burpee jumps, alternating kick squats
Circuit 4: All 9 moves from Circuit 1-3 together

3. BeFiT Intensity:

HIIT with Weights Workout (Scott Herman) VIIT training with dumbbells, thanks to which you will work on muscle tone and fat burning. Scott included in the program a lot of strength exercises, but they are performed at a fast pace. The level of intensity of training will depend on the weight of the dumbbells.

Circuit 1: squat presses, bent-over alternating rows, janda sit-ups
Circuit 2: spider-man push-ups, sit-throughs, bent-over flys
Circuit 3: fast feet to push-ups, swivel crunch, single-leg Dead lifts
Circuit 4: All 9 moves from circuit 1-3 together

4. BeFiT Intensity: Max Cardio Challenge Workout (Lacey Stone)

Another cardio training with Lacy Stone, but more intense. In this program, more intensive exercises are waiting for you than in Ultimate Cardio Burn. Training takes place with the weight of your own body, prepare for the plyometric load.

Circuit 1: 180 squats, side to sides, fast feet to push-ups
Circuit 2: speed skaters, reverse lunges, mountain climbers
Circuit 3: knee-up front kicks, squat jacks, lateral hops
Circuit 4: All 9 moves from circuit 1 -3 together plus a bonus plank move

5. BeFiT Intensity: Total Body Workout (Scott Herman + Lacey Stone)

This exercise alternates between power and cardio exercises with dumbbells. Thanks to this approach, you not only will intensively burn calories and fat, but also strengthen the muscles of the whole body.

Circuit 1: dumbbell thrusters, one two lunges, side donkey burpees
Circuit 2: hinge & row (right & left), flying jacks
Circuit 3: balanced Arnold press,


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