ChronoSync 4.8.1 & Agent 1.6.2 MacOSX | 79.34 MB
With ChronoSync, you can synchronize, backup, and create bootable backups. ChronoSync can synchronize or backup to almost anything you can connect to your Mac. That includes folders on your Mac, other Macs, PC's, external drives, NAS drives, or anything you can mount to your Mac. Even sync to iPhones and iPads using the combination of ChronoSync and InterConneX. Whatever your backup or sync scenario, ChronoSync has got you covered.

As Mac users, we've grown accustomed to the level of customization that is capable with our machines, from program icons to hard drive partitioning. There is always a grace period when firing up new software, learning how to make our habits work with the software, rather than against it. Frequently we have to change our habits and system to make it work within the parameters of our important applications, such as Mac backup software. With TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winner ChronoSync, you can easily decide what you want this program to do within your personal parameters on your machine and how you want to then manage your precious data. With enough tools to please even the most paranoid, and a friendly learning curve, this program has plenty of appeal for just about everyone with a Mac and files they don't want to lose.

ChronoSync couches its array of tools with easy to follow setup screens. By splitting the processes and steps into multiple screens, you can intuitively build your backup from the ground up, as you walk through the program, screen to screen. You can easily select single files, folders or volumes for backup allowing for precise data protection. There's nothing worse than a Mac backup software program that wastes your time on saving files you don't need, and with the precise data source selection you won't have that problem. From there you continue the stroll through the separate menu screens via the side tabs to fully configure the process.

Once you have explored and tinkered with all the settings that you wish, you can save each setting as you go, making the customizable options nearly endless. The developers clearly wanted to make sure that this program could fit into all kinds of situations, allowing you to call up each precise setting you configured for your machine, rather than some software designer half a world away. These configurations make future backups a breeze as you can simply load up the settings you decided upon earlier.

Another great feature is the directional options available for backups. Visualizations help dramatically for the beginner as it helps to direct your eyes and brain to how your data is going to move. You can decide if you want to move the copies one way or the other, or sync volumes simultaneously, all thanks to the operational direction feature in the main screen. This small detail is indicative of the care the developers took when crafting this program, something small that makes the process all the more easier to use and understand.

In the options menu you can configure what triggers a backup, what your file archive will look like, email notifications, scripting and even notification sounds. The rules menu allows you to establish filters that take into account file names, size, extensions, dates and file creators. The analysis screen shows you how your backup went, displaying the starting location and ending location of the backup data. No one likes to lose track of important files, ever, and this way it's easy to make sure you have your data in the right place.

The final archive tab allows you to configure your file archive, dabbling with compression and data retrieval. Once you've gotten into a routine of backups and syncing, this screen will become more important as it will be a record of your data, compressed to save room on your destination source.

Version 4.8.1

* Full macOS 10.13 High Sierra compatibility
* Added a feature whereby holding OPTION down when selecting a task for any Modifier Assistants will now select/deselect ALL listed tasks
* Added the ability to schedule a free standing task document if no tasks are being tracked in the ChronoSync Organizer window; also, holding the OPTION key down when clicking (+) in the Scheduled Task Manager window then displays the File Chooser to select a free-standing task document Improved
* The user interface animations for all Assistants and the Validator function were reimplemented to work around High Sierra shortcomings
* The ChronoSync Installer and Uninstaller were modified to work around High Sierra bugs
* When creating a bootable backup to an APFS volume, the VM, Preboot and Recovery volume structure in the destination APFS container is constructed
* Added the correct Analyze Panel status icons (for attributes-only syncs) to the online help
* The process of blessing a destination volume in a bootable backup is now more verbose, displaying fine-grain progress to the user and posting relevant errors to the log
* When the Bootable backup assistant is presenting a warning that the destination volume is about to be erased, it checks to see if it is an APFS container with additional data volumes within it; if so, it presents those additional volume names as part of the warning
* The Readiness Warning stating that APFS destination volumes may not be bootable is only reported if APFS volume operations cannot be performed on the destination Fixed
* Fixed several bugs associated with the display of Trial Expiration notices when running the application in Trial Mode
* Fixed several bugs associated with performing automatic update checks
* Fixed a memory consumption problem that occurs in kernel_task memory when verifying large files
* Fixed a bug in the Container Editor's task list whereby user modifications to the width of the Task Name column would not be preserved after closing the document
* Fixed a bug in the ChronoSync Organizer whereby the view that displays each document's information would not automatically grow with the width of the window
* Fixed a bug that could cause a deadlock between the main ChronoSync application and the ChronoSync Scheduler; under the wrong circumstances they would both wait on the other to obtain access to the scheduled items database
* Fixed a layout bug whereby unusually long task names would scroll off the top of the Scheduled Item Editor window
* Fixed a bug whereby hitting "Test" when multiple Push Receiver IDs were specified, and a space was used to separate the IDs, the test would fail; this existed in the sync task Options panel and the Notifications Assistant
* Fixed a bug whereby in the same scenario above (space between IDs), the Notifications Assistant would not store the Receiver IDs into the modified documents properly
* Enabling Push Notifications in the Notifications Assistant now forces "Only on Errors" setting OFF; previously, it only did this if Push Notifications was OFF and it was turning them ON
* Fixed a bug whereby pausing a running sync wouldn't necessarily pause it
* Eliminated a specific type of crash that could occur when scrolling through entries in the Trial Sync selector window
* Eliminated some data verification audit messages that were always getting posted to the console
* The Container synchronizer now properly updates the correct duration property on sync completion so that push notifications to ChronoMonitor will contain the correct duration value

Mac Platform: Intel, OS X 10.8 or later

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ChronoAgent 1.6.2

ChronoAgent is an invisible application that runs silently in the background on a Mac and provides ChronoSync or InterConneX a direct connection to a remote Mac. Think of ChronoAgent as an undercover operative that provides access to a Mac. It provides a much more secure, reliable and higher performance connection than standard file sharing. If you're synchronizing or backing up files between two Macs, ChronoAgent is simply the best way to establish a connection between them.


ChronoAgent allows any other Mac on your network that is running ChronoSync to have full access to the ChronoAgent Mac's file system. That allows ChronoSync to synchronize files with or backup to/from the ChronoAgent Mac. ChronoAgent provides a direct, unrestricted connection that is safer, faster, and more reliable than (Mac OSX)'s built-in file sharing. You can even create bootable backups over a network to another Mac!

ChronoAgent allows any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch on your network to have full access to the ChronoAgent Mac's file system. In short, it allows you to access files on your Mac from an iDevice. Your iOS device contains limited space but now you can take advantage of your Mac's disk storage by grabbing any files off your Mac and copying new or modified files back to your Mac. That's a direct connection with no cloud required!

ChronoAgent can be configured so that it is accessible across the Internet. This allows you to do cool things like sync the latest changes to a presentation from your desktop at work, to your laptop, while you are at the airport waiting for your flight. You can also use your iPad to access some vacation photos on your home computer, while attending a party down the street. Heck, you could even check on the status of your scheduled syncs while you are on vacation. The possibilities are endless!

* Eliminated overzealous authd system log messages triggered by the ChronoAgent Monitor.
* Fixed a bug whereby ChronoAgent was failing a WAN-IP check because we were attempting to access the dynamic DNS service webpage using http instead of https.

Mac Platform: Intel, 64-bit processor OS X 10.8 or later

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